TBi Industries GmbH

The Company
TBi Industries GmbH is a German provider of high quality welding equipment specialized on development and production of MIG/MAG and TIG torches for industrial use. A special focus is on torch technology and cleaning stations for robotic welding. Founded by Mr. Alexander Binzel, who had been active in the industry for many decades, his sons Felix Binzel and Oliver Binzel are leading the ongoing growth of the company since many years. The TBi group is active worldwide and comprises production facilities in Germany, Czech Republic and China.

lic.oec. HSG Felix Binzel
Managing Director
MSc. Oliver Binzel
Managing Director

TBi has the vision to develop technically outstanding products and to become a technological leader in the welding torch business. To this effect, TBi maintains a highly specialized production infrastructure and invests considerably in the development of innovative and improved products.

Our Philosophy
Faithful to our motto ’Ready for Tomorrow.’ TBi is involved right from the beginning in the development of the adequate welding tool for a new process or application. This focus on future technologies, the concentration on practical advantages for the end user and an excellent performance in pre- and after-sales-services are defining our TBi philosophy.

The TBi-Team
The success of the company is based on the high qualification of our staff and their motivation to perform at best for our customers. Our customers represent the center point of all our activities. An open-minded corporate culture allows us to quickly react to changes and understand the requirements of our customers. Quality and service always come first for us and therefore, our products have an excellent standing with customers worldwide.

The History


Since 1. June 2017, the TBi group is part of ESAB. TBi is integrated as an independent business unit within ESAB, our products will continue to be distributed under the TBi brand over the existing TBi distributor network. This strategic alliance will enable us to offer new and exciting possibilities to our customers and partners in the future.


TBi wins important projects for robotic welding with international end-users. New and unique products like the TBi SelfLock welding cable connector demonstrate the innovative power of the company.


Presentation of the powerful TIG torch TBi XCT 400W and its optimized consumables. Various product improvements have been implemented in our TIG torches, e.g. the new PrecisionSwitch Dual.


The year was characterized by intense product development activities and the market launch of a multitude of new products and options in the MIG/MAG, TIG and Robotic ranges. The new TBi XP gas cooled high performance torches have been added to the product family.


On the Welding & Cutting Essen, promising new products have been displayed and shown in action. Introduction of various new products, e.g. RoboMIG Push-Pull systems, Narrow gap torches, 2-circuit cooled torches with superior performance or the TBi Basic torch line.


Presentation of the new MIG/MAG welding torches TBi Expert and the completely redesigned Push-Pull torch TBi PP-TX. The heavy-duty torch TBi RM82W with 2-circuit cooling system completes the RM2 robotic torch line.


Sales start of the new TBi RM2 robot torch series - a completely modular system. The RM2 torches have been developped according to the TBi philosophy and offer top welding performance at low investment and operating cost.


Introduction of the new Infiniturn robot torch system which allows endless rotation in air and water cooled systems. Inauguration of the new state of the art application and technology center at TBi headquarters in Fernwald.
Very successful presentation at the Welding & Cutting show in Essen, 40 new products demonstrate the innovation capacity of the company.


TBi is the only torch manufacturer to offer a 1-year guarantee on the TCP of their RoboMIG robot welding torches.
We have moved into our new sales and logistics facility in Fernwald. On an area of more than 6000 sq. m, we enjoy expanded storage space, an optimized infrastructure and room for the further growth of the company.


Highly specialized and custom-designed MIG and TIG welding torches for robotic use help us win well-known international automotive suppliers as customers.
Many robot manufacturers show the TBi RoboMIG torch at the international welding show in Shanghai.


Our new High-End products gain continued market acceptance.


Very successful appearance at the international Welding & Cutting show in Essen, Germany, highlighting the new TBi Plasma and Plasma-powder welding torches and the JetStream automatic cleaning station for robotic welding.


The group of companies is restructured and merged into one single company, TBi Industries GmbH.


New development of Plasma-MSG welding torches, aircooled MIG robot torches and Robot fume extraction welding torches; further additions to our TBi Top 2000 MIG welding torch series in the high performance range.


New models are added to our MIG torch series TBi Top 2000. These torches are designed to the state of the art and allow for very productive work with long life of the consumables.


Completion of the entire robot torch equipment. The collision-resistant stainless steel torch significantly increases productivity of robotic equipment.


Expansion of the TBi headquarters in Fernwald, Germany. An addition to the existing buildings, an extension of approx. 1000 square meters for office space, stock and production is being planned. The building is finished end of 2000.


Formation of the TBi Industries GmbH & Co. KG as R&D and distribution company. Many innovative products are developped and launched in the following years.

May 1990

Foundation of T+B Schweisstechnik GmbH by Mr. Alexander Binzel. In the years after, steady growth of the company with trade and production of MIG/MAG welding torches and accessories.