Welding Accessories

TBi offers a wide range of useful welding accessories like specific tools, plugs and sockets, electrode holders, quick connectors, cables and hoses.

TBi MIG-Tool 2
Indispensable multi-functional tool to
- Clean (inside, outside, front) and remove the gas nozzle
- Loosen and tighten the contact tip
- Cut and pull the welding wire
- use as a hammer
TBi Anti spatter spray Classic
TBi anti spatter spray significantly reduces the adhesion of welding spatter to metal parts. If the spray is applied on the torch head regularly, the life of consumables is prolonged and cleaning of the torch simplified. The spray may also be applied to the work piece. After welding, spatter can easily be brushed off, the weld looks cleaner. The anti-stick property of the spray will persist even with high temperatures.
TBi CeraProtect Anti spatter spray
Silicon free Ceramic-based Anti-Spatter spray
The anti-spatter spray increases the lifetime of the gas nozzle and consumable parts and facilitates the cleaning of these parts. Due to reduced spatter adhesion, the shield gas protection remains stable.
TBi Tip-Dip 2 Anti spatter paste
TBi Tip-Dip 2 forms a thin film on the gas nozzle that will effectively prevent adhesion of welding spatter. If used regularly, it will increase the lifetime of the nozzle.
TBi TIG-teg Tungstens Electrodes Grinding Unit
TBi TIG-teg offers stationary and mobile grinding of tungsten electrodes.
- Tungsten electrodes Ø 1.6 - 3.2 mm
- Grinding angle 15°– 60°, infinitely variable
- Diamond disc Ø 50 mm
Welding Accessories catalog
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