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TIG Consumable Parts

We keep a very substantial stock of all common consumables and spare parts for TBi products and some other brands.
Please note that due to non-existent standardization, consumable parts of different vendors should never be mixed up in any installation.

Gas lenses
High quality gas lenses for all common TIG torches allow a laminar protective gas flow and therefore an optimal protection of the weld pool.
Precision manufactured collets when used together with the gas lenses or collet bodies guarantee positive seating of the electrodes and optimal current conduction.
Collet bodies
Collet bodies of the highest quality that fit all common TIG torches.
Back caps
Back caps in short, medium and long versions for all common TIG torches.
Ceramic gas nozzles
We offer you a large variety of ceramic gas nozzles for every common TIG torch.
Tungsten electrodes
A large selection of international standardised tungsten electrodes is always on stock and available immediately.