Carbon Welding Torches

The TBi Carbon welding torches have been developped to support and enhance modern welding and brazing processes. These processes are more and more used in the automotive industry to process materials as magnesium, or to weld mixed materials. The Carbon torches are equipped with a graphite contact tip, which significantly increases the performance of "low temperature" arc welding and brazing.

  • TBi Graphite contact tip

The TBi graphite contact tip was developped for use in MIG-brazing and welding with Al- and Mg-wires. It also supports modern "cold" welding processes.

- prevents wire burn-back to the contact tip
- good ignition properties
- very long life with soft wires
- reduction of wire feeding problems (jams)

  • TBi 7W Carbon

Rating: max. 400 A (240 A with graphite contact tip)
Wire diameter: 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm
Cooling method: water cooled