MIG/MAG Spare Parts

We keep a very substantial stock of all common consumables and spare parts for TBi products and some other brands. We offer excellent quality combined with very competitive prices.

We regularly ship within 24 hours to locations in Europe. Please check our catalogs for the correct part numbers, or call our sales department.

  • Contact tips

Contact tips are consumables that show the greatest amount of wear and tear. However, the quality of the tip is crucial for productive work. Always remember not only to buy by lowest price, but also to compare the tip life in your workshop. Because frequent maintenance of the welding torch will be much more expensive then a better quality contact tip!
We offer you high-precision contact tips (ECu, CuCrZr) from our own production for most common torches and wire diameters.

  • Wire conduits and liners

We manufacture all kinds of wire guides, e.g. steel and PTFE liners, special liners for aluminum wires etc. Our sales department will gladly assist you in the choice of the right product for your application!

  • Gas diffusers

Gas diffusers in various forms and made of varied materials for the utmost quality requirements are produced by us.

  • Tip holder

Contact tips of the high quality are machined with CNC controlled metal-turning lathes in our factory. They guarantee that the contact tip sits perfectly on the torch head.

  • Gas nozzles

Gas nozzles in conical, tapered or cylindrical forms or as spot weld nozzles in various diameters are produced with the use of the most modern production methods. Special construction designs like water-cooled gas nozzles are also available.