MIG/MAG Tandem (Twin-Wire) Welding Torches

TBi Tandem welding torches allow for high welding speed combined with a high deposition rate. The thermal strain on the work piece and thermal warping is reduced in comparison with two individual welding processes. Both wire electrodes are electrically isolated in order to control both processes precisely.

For perfect and fully automatic cleaning of the Tandem torches, the TBi JetStream is highly recommended. Please see section Torch Cleaning stations for more information.

  • TBi TD 20F V2 / TD 22F V2

Very robust torch with optimized accessibility to the work piece by means of a flat gas nozzle. Attractively priced consumables with a long lifetime allow for efficient operation in industrial production.

TD 20: straight neck
TD 22: 22 degr. bent

Rating: 2x 550 A (mixed gas)
Duty cycle: 100% (10 min. cycle)
Cooling method: 3-circuit water cooling
Wire diameter: 0.8 - 1.6 mm
Wire distance: 8, 10 or 15 mm at the TCP