TIG Cold Wire Feeders

For automated TIG welding, as well as to increase productivity of suitable manual welding processes, the use of a cold wire feeder is beneficial. TBi offers different components which can be combined to a system which precisely fits your requirements. The main components are the mechanical drive units, the electrical control systems and the wire guiding parts up to the welding arc.

We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right system for your application.

  • TBi PenFeeder

The TBi PenFeeder is an independent device that can be used together with any TIG power source and torch. The filler wire is fed out of the wire pen with the chosen speed. The welder is free to use all techniques that he would also use with a welding rod. However, he is freed of the need to manually forward or replace the rod. With just a little practice, a significant increase in welding speed can be achieved.

  • TBi Planetary Feeder PF 16

This portable machine can be used as an automatic wire feeder for air- and watercooled TIG welding torches and to supply wire for Laser welding. Wires up to a maximum of 1.6 mm diameter of various materials can be feed.

The drive system is based on a rotating planetary head, the same principle as our TBi PowerPull drive systems. This system convinces by its highly dynamical acceleration and minimal slip of the wire. Additionally, the wire is straightened, which should be mandatory for professional cold wire feeders.

The TIG welding torch is connected to the front side of the unit. With the controls on the front of the unit, various functions as 2- or 4-stroke operation, intermittant and pulse mode, wire pull-back, etc. can be set. The wire speed is shown on a digital display.

  • TBi Cold wire guide for handheld and machine torches

Please see the attached catalog for detailed information. For automatic and robotic use, a finely adjustable unit with x/y stages is available additionally.