TIG Machine Torches (gas cooled)

Our machine welding torches are specially suited for fully automatic welding.

Connection: All common machine connections available
Type and length of the cable assembly according to the customers specification.

  • SR 9 P (AUT)

Rating AC: 80 A (60%)
Rating DC: 110 A (60%)
Electrode diam.: 0.5-1.6 mm

  • AUT 22G

Rating AC: 105 A (60%)
Rating DC: 150 A (60%)
Electrode diam.: 0.5-3.2 mm

  • SR 26 P (AUT)

Rating AC: 140 A (60%)
Rating DC: 200 A (60%)
Electrode diam.: 0.5-4.0 mm

  • Overview of TBi TIG AUT torches

This catalog is an overview of our TBi TIG AUT welding torches. It contains air and water cooled models.