TIG Machine Torches (water cooled)

The TBi machine torches are designed for fully mechanized welding. Different models are available to fulfill your requirements.

For high welding power and best availability of the equipment, the models AT 420 and AT 420S are specially recommended.

  • SR 18 P (AUT)

Rating AC: 225 A (100%)
Rating DC: 320 A (100%)
Electrode diam.: 0.5-4.0 mm

  • SR 20 P (AUT)

Rating AC: 160 A (100%)
Rating DC: 220 A (100%)
Electrode diam.: 0.5-3.2 mm

  • AUT 22W

Rating AC: 160 A (100%)
Rating DC: 220 A (100%)
Electrode diam.: 0.5-3.2 mm

  • TBi AT 420

Completely new developed high performance torch for automated TIG welding. This torch covers most requirements being compatible with electrodes from 1,6  6,4 mm diameter. It is equipped with an exchangeable electrode cartridge, allowing for simplified and quick maintenance of the torch. The electrode can be preadjusted to a defined length.

Rating AC: 400 A (100%)
Rating DC: 500 A (100%)
Electrode diam.: 1.6-6.4 mm

  • TBi AT 420S

This torch is the successor to the AT 410S. Its electrode can be manually lowered during operation to facilitate optimization of the electrode position.

Rating AC: 280 A (100%)
Rating DC: 400 A (100%)
Electrode diam.: 1.6-4.8 mm

  • Overview of TBi TIG AUT torches

This catalog is an overview of our TBi TIG AUT welding torches. It contains air and water cooled models.