TBi PP-TX Push-Pull torches

Our well proven TBi Push-Pull torches have been thoroughly redesigned. During the process, much emphasis was taken to keep the special advantages of our torches while adding additional improvements.

- Powerful drive system for best feeding quality
- Large drive rolls to protect the wire
- Reduced torch weight
- Increased performance of water cooled necks
- Torch neck rotatable for comfortable working
- Quick-change system for torch necks
- Handle with integrated soft rubber components
- Up to 2 well accessible potentiometers in the handle

  • TBi PP-TX 360

Rating: 260 A Mixed gas (60%)
Wire diam.: 0.8-1.6 mm

  • TBi PP-TX 411

Rating: 350 A Mixed gas(100%)
Wire diam.: 0.8-1.6 mm

  • TBi PP-TX 511-CC

The torch neck TBi 511-CC-TX is equipped with a 2-circuit water cooling system, making it the ideal torch for welds with high heat input, like aluminum and pulse welding.

Rating: 450 A Mixed gas(100%)
Wire diam.: 0.8-1.6 mm

  • Catalog TBi PP-TX

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