Reliable quality

A reliable cleaning process is mandatory to run a stable fully automatic welding process. It provides the prerequisites for faultless ignition and good gas protection.

TBi Torch Cleaning Stations

For the economical operation of a robot cell, a reliable cleaning process for the welding torch is mandatory. Our proprietory TBi JetStream system offers technological advantages over all other systems on the market today. Only this system is able to clean the gas nozzle, contact tip or nozzle insulator almost independent on the geometry of the torch head.
TBi also offers a broad range of conventional cleaning systems with rotating reamers, which are the right choice for many standard applications. With the aid of the TBi Robo Configurator you can perfectly match all TBi components with your Robo system.

TBi JetStream
Our innovative torch cleaning station TBi JetStream brings a completely new approach to fully automatic torch cleaning into the production environment. The torch head is thoroughly cleaned on the inside and outside by air-propelled abrasive pellets. One main advantage of this process is that it is completely independent from nozzle geometry. Gasnozzle, contact tip, tip holder and gas diffusor will be cleaned without large forces on the torch. The periodic manual cleaning process, which is customary today, becomes obsolete and the productivity of the robot cell is raised.
The cleaning station is perfectly suitable for use with Tandem torches!
Our technicians will be glad to demonstrate the economical advantages of this cleaner - just give us a call!
Automatic torch cleaning station with rotation reamer. The integrated spray nozzles can apply anti-spatter fluid to the torch while it is in the cleaning position. A wire cutter is available as an option. The cutter can be activated electrically or mechanically.
Automatic torch cleaning station with rotation reamer. The spraying of the torch head with anti-spatter fluid is done in a closed spraying chamber. Therefore, the consumption of anti-spatter fluid is reduced and contamination of other equipment can be avoided. The device is equipped with a wire cutter.
TBi FineSpray-2 Spraying unit
The TBi spraying unit is completely sealed. Only the minimum needed quantity of anti spatter fluid is applied. The formation of droplets, that might have negative influence on the weld quality is prevented.
With our spraying unit, the oily residue all around the cleaning station is completely eliminated. No anti spatter fluid is caught in the extraction system, the life of the filters can be extended.
One filling of the fluid container is sufficient for up to 2500 spray cycles.
TBi DA-2 Wire Cutter
This stand-alone wire cutting unit can easily be added to existing installations. The cutting process is started by an electrical signal. Optionally, it can be initiated fully automatic by an optical sensor.