Below, you will find interesting information regarding new products or applications.
Experts have the choice

Our TBi Expert range has been expanded to include two more handles. While the lightweight Expert Mini handle has been specifically designed for our smaller torch models, the modern Expert Plus handle also allows precise and ergonomic handling for our most powerful models.

  • Appealing design
  • Optimized handling
  • Robust construction
  • Comfortably balanced

You can find all available models in our MIG / MAG catalog.

TBi ArcVisor Plus - for demanding welders

The new TBi ArcVisor Plus Welding Helmet is a quality brand product with an outstanding Price-/Performance ratio. The large viewing area and various possibilities of adjustment guarantee ergonomic working conditions for the professional welder.

  • Highest filter quality classification 1/1/1/1
  • Large viewing area
  • 4 sensors for very reliable arc detection
  • Complies with the standards EN379, EN175, ANSI/ISEA Z87.1

Please see the Product data sheet for more information.

TBi product videos on YouTube

The TBi YouTube Channel is a collection of interesting informational videos regarding the function and application of our products. More videos coming soon!

All videos can be found on our Channel overview.

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TBi PrecisionSwitch - new switch for TBi TIG torches

The switch option "PrecisionSwitch Dual" for the TBi Precision handle enormously improves welder control and ergonomics. It is available for most TBi TIG torches and replaces the previous rubber switch module.

  • Precise feedback of the trigger point
  • New long-life micro switches
  • Frictionless rubber rocker switch
  • Optimized positioning of the push buttons for ergonomic and precise handling

For more information, please visit the product page TBi TIG torches.

TBi XCT 400W - Premium TIG Torch - up to 450 A

The TBi XCT 400W is a premium TIG welding torch with a newly conceived design of torch head and consumables.

  • Extremely high performance with extraordinarily small torch head - The smallest in its class!
  • Innovative design; new special collet replaces conventional collet and collet body
  • Long-life parts which are extremely robust and easy to install

Please see the Product flyer.

TBi X-Power - Gas cooled high-performance torches

The TBi X-Power series consists of gas cooled high performance MIG/MAG torches for demanding industrial applications. The well-balanced TBi Expert handle allows fatigue-less welding with high amperage.

  • Robust and reliable even at very high amperages up to 380 A / 60% duty cycle
  • Optimally balanced Expert handle and low torch weight
  • Easy repair due to rotating quick-change neck in DR models
  • All models use the same consumable parts

For more information, please visit the product page TBi X-Power.

Safety-off mechanism TBi KS-2

The TBi KS-2 reliably protects the robot and the torch system in case of a collision. As this version is a completely new development, weight and volume could be decreased by more than 50%.

  • large elastic deflection combined with very good repeatability
  • compact design, high durability and simple installation
  • 3 different models to adapt to different tool weight

More information is available in the TBi RoboMIG catalog.

Spraying unit TBi FineSpray-2

In the fully enclosed spraying unit TBi FineSpray-2 the torch head is sprayed with an exact quantity of anti-spatter fluid in order to reduce the re-adherence of spatter after the cleaning.

  • minimized usage of anti-spatter fluid with optimal protection of the robot torch
  • increased work safety due to a clean welding cell
  • one filling of the fluid container (500 ml) lasts for up to 2.500 spray applications

Please see the Product catalog for more information.

Automatic wire cutter TBi DA-2

Cutting the wire to a precise stick-out is an important preparation for a reliable welding start, even-looking seams and to prevent welding faults. The pneumatic cutting mechanism is electrically activated.

  • designed for low maintenance, can be retrofitted to existing installations
  • encapsulated unit, cut wire ends are collected in a drawer
  • also suitable for Tandem welding torches

Please see the Product catalog for more information.

TBi ArcVisor - Autodarkening Welding Helmet

The TBi ArcVisor is an Autodarkening Welding Helmet with very high optical grade filter and attractive Design. The TBi ArcVisor has an optical filter with the grade 1/2/1/1 and is suitable for all Standard applications. The automatism can be deactivated for Grinding, and the helmet is compatible with the inside and outside protective shields of the preceding model.

With the TBi ArcVisor, we offer you a premium Price- /Performance-Ratio.

Please see the Product catalog for details.

TBi "Narrow Gap" - Consumable parts for hard to reach positions

Significantly improved accessibility to hard to reach welding positions are achieved by installing our new "NG" equipment parts for MIG/MAG welding torches. This special equipment is available for different torch models. By the slim and intelligent design and flexible tip position, many easy solutions become available in positions that could not be reached with conventional torches.

More information is available in the MIG / MAG catalog.

Tandem Torch TD 22F-V2

As a successor to the TBi TD 20/22, the new TBi 20F-V2 / 22F-V2 is recommended for all applications. This torch is equipped with a flattened nozzle to provide best accessibility. Long life and simple maintenance are important features for continuous use in demanding industrial applications.

For more information, please visit the product page TBi Tandem torches.

New Robot torch line TBi RM2

The TBi RM2 robot torch series includes standard and special torch types right out of the catalog and covers a large sector of applications. The torches are equipped with a new type of nozzle that guarantees very efficient heat transfer to the torch.

More information is available in the TBi RoboMIG catalog.

TBi JetStream – State of the art Torch Cleaning Station

The innovative torch cleaning station TBi JetStream brings a completely new approach to fully automatic torch cleaning into the production environment. The torch head is thoroughly cleaned on the inside and outside by air-propelled abrasive pellets. One main advantage of this process is that it is completely independent from nozzle geometry. Gasnozzle, contact tip, tip holder and gas diffusor will be cleaned without large forces on the torch. The periodic manual cleaning process, which is customary today, becomes obsolete and the productivity of the robot cell is raised.

For more information, please visit the product page TBi Torch Cleaning Stations.

Our technicians will be glad to demonstrate the economical advantages of this cleaner - just give us a call!

Small TIG torch with high rating

The newly developed TBi SR 21 looks very similar to the well known TBi SR 20, also the same consumable parts are used. The rated welding current, however, has been increased by 50% compared to the SR 20. That way, the small SR 21 obtains the same rating as the much larger SR 18!

For more information, please visit the product page TBi TIG torches.

TBi Infiniturn - endless rotation!

The robot welding torch system TBi Infiniturn has been specifically developped for modern hollow wrist robots. The cable assembly follows the shortest and straightest path to the wire feeder, right through the middle of the robots wrist and arm. The heart of the new system is the new TBi Infiniturn media coupling, which allows for endless rotation of the torch. The system continues to use the well proven TBi RoboMIG torches.
Air and water cooled versions are available.

For more information, please visit the product page TBi RoboMIG.